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For Property Developers and Home Owners. A full-service, turnkey operation with honest & fair upfront pricing. Backed by more than 15 years of diverse expertise, we pride ourselves on our ferocious attention to detail and our meticulous proficiency to plan and strategize each minuscule step as we materialize the great vision from the ground up with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Our dynamic experience in the construction field consists of multi-family units, townhomes, custom homes and commercial projects. At Green Key we believe in a client-centered project management approach, applying this system to the management of scope, organization, quality, cost, time and people.

Sustainability Consulting

Every project that Green Key Builders is associated with is created with an environmentally-conscious mind. We strongly value the natural world and therefore it is our mission to do our part to ensure that future generations experience the same beauty that we have today. That’s why all of the residential & commercial buildings that we build comply with one or more of the green rating systems. Our multi-family units, townhomes, custom homes and commercial projects are designed to increase the quality of life for its current occupants, and of generations to come. We work with our clients to set direction, design, and to implement a sustainability strategy that drives client value up along with a lot more benefits for decades to come.


At Green Key Builders we are proud of our unique talent and our ability to convert clients visions into beautiful realities. We believe it is our responsibility, as your general contractor, to act as the fundamental link between the conception of your project and its ultimate expression. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to all of our valued clients and passionately transform visions and ideas into structure. We take our pivotal role in balancing sustainablty and affordability ver seriously in all aspects of every job, from interpreting and transferring the concepts of owner, architect, and other designers to the synergy of hand selecting the best proven subcontractors, products and suppliers. 



Green Key Builders pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable & sustainable materials. Our custom Buildings & Homes offer an attractive non traditional construction model resulting in a healthier environment for our clients and the planet.

Our goal is to minimize impact on the environment with energy-conscious building practices that benefit our clients and generations to follow.

We have over 15 years of experience serving the residential and commercial market in Manitoba, providing expert consulting, design, project management and construction services. As the green building movement gains momentum we are determined to stay ahead of the curve, continuously expanding our innovative knowledge and utilize new green technologies as they become available.


At Green Key Builders, we firmly establish mutual trust and respect in all of our relationships by keeping each client fully informed throughout the entire design and construction process. By choosing to work with us you can ensure excellence as well as a harmonious experience from start to finish. Our referral-based business is a testament to the exceptional quality of our designs, construction methods and project management.





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